Flames erupt as fire accident occurs at VUDA office in Visakhapatnam

fire accident, visakhapatnam
fire accident at VUDA office in Visakhapatnam

The staff working at VUDA office in Visakhapatnam have been thrown into a state of panic as flames erupted on the first floor of the building. The Commercial Tax office on the first floor is the place where the incident has taken place.  The occupants had to immediately evacuate the building in order to avoid any consequences.

“We were busy working when we sensed smoke. We were bewildered as the tube lights started bursting one after another. Before we could come to terms with what was happening, we were instructed to evacuate the building immediately. The systems are being damaged but luckily, no one has been injured”, said one of the workers who stood outside the building.

The owner of a beauty parlour on the ground floor said, “I was working in my parlour when I heard people screaming and running downstairs in a panic. I was instructed to shut down my parlour and come out of it immediately. I have come to know that it is a short-circuit that might have possibly caused the fire.”

Another worker on the first floor said,”People are saying that it is a short-circuit that has caused this particular fire accident. Thanks to the immediate actions taken by all of us, no one has been reported injured so far.”

“The evacuation of this building is well facilitated owing to its well-planned staircases. Due to this, the staff were able to quickly get out and reach safe premises. The cause of the fire is not yet known clearly but we are speculating a short-circuit”, informed a senior official.

The fire brigade has swiftly reached the location and is doing their best in order to curb the raging flames. Hopefully, there will not be much property damaged.

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