Alcoholic rapes woman in Visakhapatnam, no one comes to help

wife murdered

Visakhapatnam is the scene of a horrifying and shocking rape where an alcoholic inebriated and high on ganja rapes a destitute woman near Railway Station.The worst part, no one from among the bystanders and passers by came to help.

A 30 year old truck driver by the name of Shiva has been nabbed by the police for raping a woman on the side-walk near railway station. Alcoholic and ganja addict, Shiva raped the 28 year old on the busy pavement and the worst part is that passer by watched and came to no aid. This all happened in the broad daylight around 2 p.m. An autorickshaw driver sitting on the opposite side of the road recorded the incident on his mobile phone. This has been taken by the police as evidence. The alcoholic made threatening gestures and scared people who tried to come forward.

Check the exclusive coverage of this incident by CNN NEWS18

As per the Indian Express reports of Inspector Ramana on the matter – “The woman had left her home in Vepagunta near Pendurthi on the outskirts of Vizag after a tiff with her husband and had arrived in Vizag on a bus early Sunday. She took shelter under a tree on the pavement when Shiva assaulted her. He is a alcoholic and drug addict. The video shows several people passing by but no one stopped to help the woman. Her husband is a labourer and they fought Sunday morning after which she left home and took shelter on the pavement. She has been admitted to KGH.”

The culprit has been nabbed on the basis of identification by the video as well the CCTV footage. The video has disclosed the indifference of the passers by who made calls to police control room but did nothing to help the woman while the assault was taking place.

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