What Feminism Means To You


Let’s talk about the most discussed word these days – Feminism.  Feminism in general is nothing but your belief in equality between men and women. That’s it! There is a lot more to it, but it definitely does not confine to the grounds of women constantly whining about women’s rights. There are a lot of different opinions we’ve seen till date. Some are to be appreciated and some are just too stressful to even break our heads about. ‘Some’ include everyone; be it politicians, celebrities or layman. So we took opinions from people and saw their views on this.

[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4336″]Keertana Grandhi, Vaibhav Jewellers
Feminism is not just about women fighting for women. It is a call for everyone to give an equal opportunity for women in every facet of life.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4333″]Ajit Singh Garcha, The Park Hotel
Feminism is a much needed thing. Nothing to talk about this cause it’s a critical thing and instead of talking, people should work for the general human rights.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4346″]Sirisha Challa, Bake My Wish
Feminism for me is staying comfortable in who you are and respecting that. I don’t wait for somebody to say or pass out a rule that women are equal. I believe in my heart and mind that I am equal. And in my opinion when people stop talking about it less and start believing it more, words like Feminism will be heard less and equality is what comes into light.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4340″]Rajini Chitra, Pollocks School
Gender equality speech by Emma Watson at United Nations echoes my views on this issue. Celebrating the feminine aspect of life is true feminism. Men and women are not equal but we need equality i.e., equal opportunities.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4335″]Gabriella W. Khara
I think it’s absurd that people support an idea they know nothing about. I’m all for women’s rights etc, but to what point?
When does it go too far? While everyone has a right to their own opinion, is it OK to slander someone because they want to be a good wife or just a good human?
If you believe in feminism you don’t believe in equality. If we stop believing in equality we can forget a sane world.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4338″]Rafi Yahya Syed
To me, feminism – like everything else – can gain a lot of ground with mutual empathy. We need friendly discourses, not debates. Understanding flaws without lashing out. Conflict incites more conflict after all.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4341″]Ramya Banda
Feminism is not gender perspective. It is about uplifting humanity. Every man has a woman in him and every woman has a man in her too. It is just a matter sensitivity and sensibility![/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4339″]Raghu Mulukutla
As evident in contemporary social media, feminism and awareness for women is on rise. This is a much need development for thwarting some inherent misogynistic views of an age-old society in a country like India. This not only helps change the current social view on women, but also in future -saves the status of women in the society. However, the connotation of feminism is complex and quite often misinterpreted. So, it must not be forgotten that feminism is built around gender equality.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4342″]Rifa Sanbaq
To talk about feminism, I am a feminist to the core. That doesn’t make me a woman who thinks men are worthless. Feminism should be more about gender justice and less about gender equality. Equality between men and women can never be established. They are completely two different species with their own odds and favours. What feminism stresses on is to provide equality rather than equality.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4347″]Sumanth Behera
I personally believe that feminism is one of the most exploited word of recent times. I’m all for women empowerment but then it is for equality and not to give an unfair advantage which is being misused lately.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4343″]Sahitya Vasudevan
Feminism according to me is not about a special status or reservation for women, not even about ‘slogan shouting’ but about equal opportunity to all irrespective of gender.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4337″]Lokesh Upputuri
It would be better if people understand, I mean both women and men, that feminism is a range of ideologies which means to work for equal opportunities in every imaginable place. Nothing more, nothing less. It can only be achieved by men and women working together, period.[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4345″]Sanjay Varma Rudraraju
It is highly disappointing to see that feminism has taken a new turn where woman are being portrayed as feeble minded people who cry their mascara out for little things whereas women this generation are strong and capable of taking charge of their life. One of the many scenarios I have witnessed, recently the plane I have been on was managed entirely by women – both pilots and air hostess who showed the true direction current generation of women are moving towards. It is high time we, as a society, be pro-feministic and follow the mantra – “Fight Oppression and Celebrate Progression” and this is only possible when kids from a young age are taught about equality.”[/mpc_testimonial]
[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4334″]Akhila Sudhakar
When somebody says, “I’m a feminist” people usually think they are Men Haters. However, that’s just an uninformed perspective. Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s not even about women’s rights over men’s rights. Feminism is about equal rights. Its implications are not about a power battle between men and women as it is so often mistaken to be. It’s simply about equality. We call it feminism, because of the centuries old inequalities that women have faced. Hence the root word fem/female. It isn’t a movement for women alone to support or fight for. I would like to live in a world where a man calls himself a feminist.


[mpc_testimonial thumbnail=”4344″]Samson Elisha
Being a pro-feminist myself, I understand the need and importance of neutralizing gender opportunities and I’m proud to see it progress over the years. But of late, the true objective of feminism is being adulterated due to infiltration of misandrists (people who hate men), in the name of feminism, which impacts in a significant setback for true feminists and an increased resistance against them. I applaud feminists for their efforts to curb the social and professional gap between genders, but we have a long way to go, especially in rural conservative India, where gender equality needs to be promoted without arousing an impression of misandry or misogyny (hatred towards women).


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