Marine Fish Museum Display Soon To Add Endangered Species

Endangered Species
Endangered Species Marine Fish Museum Vizag

The lesser-known Marine Fish Museum is all set to bring in endangered species from East Coast to add to their display. Located at the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI), Visakhapatnam Regional Centre, near Beach Road; one gets to see everything from star fish, sea horse, crabs, lobsters, croakers and groupers to hundreds of species of fish on display.

Over 300 marine species and fish are preserved in chemical solution at this museum. The plan now is to increase the number of exhibits by adding in endangered species of sea life from the East Coast.

Speaking about the museum, CMFRI Scientist and Museum In-charge Pralaya Ranjan Behera reportedly stated that they have started keeping a collection of species and renovated the museum in the last few years. Housing 300 species of marine creatures and fishes of commercial importance like pomfret, mackerel, varieties of groupers, croakers, marine ornamental fish, marine lobster, shrimps, squids, crabs, molluscs, octopus, cephalopods, star fish and so on, they have preserved them in jars of formaldehyde.

We have now plans to enhance our collection and also include certain endangered and rare marine species found mainly in the eastern coast such as horseshoe crab (found only in Odisha-Bengal), sharks, electric ray to name a few,” he reportedly stated. The Marine Fish Museum is one-of-its-kind despite the citizens being unaware of its existence. The museum still gets 1000 visitors per year, with students, and visitors from West Bengal and Odisha coming in. The entry for the museum however is free for all.

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