Fight over drinking water claims a girl’s life in Andhra Pradesh

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The lack, or scarcity of drinking water, is one of the biggest issues that people are facing in many regions of Andhra Pradesh. Amidst the existing water crisis in Kurnool district of the State, an untoward incident occurred for a family as a clash between two families, at Lakshmi Nagar Colony, over drinking water turned bitter on Friday. The feud led to the unfortunate death of the daughter of one of the families.

25-year-old Moula Bi was injured in an attempt to stop a fight between her parents Sk. Sahavali and Shakun Bi and their neighbours Ramachandramma and Ratnamaiah. The argument started off over whose turn it was to fill water from the municipal tap as Moula Bi started filling her vessels from the tap near her home. The neighbours, Ramachandramma and Ratnamaiah objected to this claiming it was their turn to fill water and abused Moula Bi who informed her parents of the happenings.

Following this, Sk Sahavali and Shakun Bi got into a heated argument which Moula Bi tried to intervene and bring an end to. Ratnamaiah and Ramachandramma pushed Moula Bi, who hit her head on a sharp object sustaining severe injuries. She was announced dead by the doctor when rushed to the hospital. Moula Bi had given birth to a baby girl just two months ago.

The local police have filed a murder case against Ratnamaiah, Ramachandramma and their other daughter Manisha.

Authorities in several parts of Andhra Pradesh have been taking measures to attend to the drinking water needs of the people. Reportedly, the water reserves that are sources for cities in the Kurnool district are all running dry and the government is working on linking the Handri Neeva Sujala Samiti (HNSS) to the Sunkesula barrage and the Gajuladinne reserves in order to bring a permanent solution to the water woes.

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