7 year old boy murdered at school, sexual abuse and foul play suspected.

vizag, sexually assaulted
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In an unfortunate incident recorded at the capital, New Delhi, a young boy of 7 years was murdered at school. Sexual abuse is suspected to have preceded the murder and the distressed parents have alleged foul play by the school authorities. The incident occurred at Ryan international School. Similar to any normal day, the boy was dropped at school by his father. Devansh Meena, the victim studies in standard 2 and his father, Varun Thakur used to drop him to school everyday.

On the said date, a call was put to the parents 15 minutes after school. The boy was reported to have been found bleeding in the bathroom. He had been rushed to the hospital and the parents were asked to reach there. He was declared dead when brought into the hospital. The injuries were a slit throat and the perpetrating weapon was found in the toilet.

A bus driver has been taken in for questions but nothing conclusive has emerged. Investigations have started and the CCTV footages of 30 cameras have been called in. Blood samples and finger prints are being studied.

The parents allege that the boy’s life could have been saved if he would have reached hospital. Hundreds of anxious parents rushed to the school and staged angry protests.

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