Checkerboard gives Vizag’s talented youngsters a chance to showcase their talents

Checkerboard is organizing an event in Visakhapatnam on September 24th.

checkerboard visakhapatnam

Are you someone who loves playing a sport? Do you have some extraordinary dance moves? Do your friends go gaga when you sing? Is there a potential superstar hidden in you? Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if artists from various fields collaborate on one platform? Loads of questions to be asked and one answer to them all- Checkerboard!

What is Checkerboard?

Checkerboard is an initiative brought forward by a group of dynamic youngsters. These guys, who aim at bringing together people from various areas, started out in South India. Their idea is to connect people, especially youth and students possessing different skill sets. Beginning with Music, Theater, Literature, Dance, Sports, Science, Social Service, Fine Arts or much more, all under one umbrella.

Checkerboard team feels that in general, many talents get confined to the appreciations of friends and to the walls of the college auditoriums. Additionally, they feel that interactions between different artists will not only increase the cross-connections but also increase the artists’ network. These are the two basic things that this team is trying to achieve; make a talent get wide scale recognition and form cross-connections between various artists.

Event in Visakhapatnam

Checkerboard has organized four events so far. Starting from Guntur, these guys have organized events in Hyderabad and France as well! Now, for their fifth edition, they are coming to Visakhapatnam. On September 24th, Checkerboard will be hosting an event in Visakhapatnam with an audience base of 400 participants. This would be a great opportunity for all the taleneted people in the city to showcase their talents and grow their network. The event will be held at VUDA children’s arena on 24th September from 10:00 am. So go, and grab this opportunity.

For further details, contact 8978785948.

Check out the promo of the event here:

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