Chandrababu Naidu announces Intelligent Global Hub in Visakhapatnam

visakhapatnam, chandrababu naidu
Image Credits: Facebook/NaraChandrababuNaidu

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced that an Intelligent Global Hub would be set up in Visakhapatnam. Addressing the delegates at UNESCO-MGIEP’s Tech 2018 conference on Thursday in the city, the Chief Minister said that the process of learning must be fun-filled and not tax the students with undue stress and pressure.

“Education should be fun and not punishment. For the same, digital learning games, pedagogies, should be designed extensively and brought into effect so that many more intellectuals are created in the future,” Chandrababu Naidu said after inaugurating the lamp.

Aiming to make Visakhapatnam’s upcoming Intelligent Global Hub a breeding ground for global design institutions, the Chief Minister the hub, which is likely to draw investments close to $700 Million, would also be providing 5000 jobs.

Mr Naidu further highlighted the importance of technology and said that it would bring in accountability, transparency, and speed in governance. Stating that all the departments in the state are online, the Chief Minister said that very soon, the citizens would be able to avail all the features on their smartphones.

UNESCO MGIEP director Anantha Duaippah mentioned that TECH 2018 would help in showcasing the prominent role of games and digital learning in shifting to ‘transformative pedagogies’, thereby creating sustainable and peaceful societies.

Chandrababu Naidu also highlighted that Visakhapatnam was a beautiful city and remained top in cleanliness. Saying that the city has beautiful scenery and delicious food to be relished, he invited the guests to enjoy their stay here.

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