The CBI raids ex-home minister P,Chidambaram and his son’s house

chidambaram raided by the CBI
p. chidambaram

Extensive raids are being conducted at the residences of the senior Congress party leader and former Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and his son Karti Chidambaram by the Central Bureau of Investigation. However, the seriousness of the operation is too high that around 16 houses of Congress leaders across Tamil Nadu are being raided as of now.

The raids are being picked up in connection to the FIPB clearance granted to a firm called INX media by P Chidambaram, when he served as the finance minister of the country. His son Karti has been involved for facilitating this deal at price of Rs 35 lakh.

The INX media was owned by the former media man, Peter Mukerjea who has been jailed for the alleged killing of Sheena Bora along with Indrani Mukerjea. The officials are currently working on the search a few residences in Chennai and investigating papers relating to the charge sheeted case.

However, P Chidambaram has said that he will issue an official statement soon. The congress party has said that these search operations are politically motivated but the ruling party (BJP) is suppressing the leadership in Tamil Nadu so that they can stretch their wings in the state as well.


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