Cafe Diaries


Tucked away in a quiet corner of Siripuram is Plot 17, the newest cafe in town. The first thing you encounter as you step into the place is quirky quotes and the menu written on a chalk board. Painted brown and beige, the eatery is an off-beat mix of new and old. Walls dotted with framed retro posters, a gramophone, teapoys with travel stickers on – all lend to the vintage mood the cafe tries to set.

Inspired by food and travel, the cozy and retro place offers delectable, reasonably priced comfort food like egg-bacon-chicken, tuna melt, potato-mint sandwich, pasta and garlic bread. Seat yourself at the comfortable couches and bar stools inside or at the picnic tables outside as you chug down ice teas in flavours like kiwi, blackcurrant and even rum, flavoured coffees or just water served in colourful glass bottles. But what sets the cafe truly apart is its library room stocked with books and comics, a selfie room with a mirror and fun props and a photo wall you can put up your polaroid photos on, taken with the camera they provide.

Plot 17 hopes to open for breakfast soon too. Head over there next time you want a comfy place to chill at.

Timings: 10AM-10PM

Where: Plot 17, Gangapur Layout, Siripuram