10 Breathtaking sights in Visakhapatnam by night. Nothing more satisfying


We are guilty of being annoyingly in love with the beautiful views of Visakhapatnam. Why not? Vizag is after all one of the most beautiful cities in India. Lovely mountains, hills, the marine drive (which we call beach road), the valleys and the harbor. We are truly blessed. Do we love it more in the daytime, sun soaked and smiling? Do we love it more at night, sparkling in the moonlight and coy? Tough call that one. The list for Visakhapatnam cannot be exhaustive by any chance, but here are some.

View of the Port and Harbor

Business never looked this beautiful. Maritime industry flourishing in our Port City is such a pretty sight. (source – aoucr)

Views from and on drive by Tenneti Park

 Our hangout hot spot Tenneti Park is a wonder to behold at night. The strollers on the pavement and the coastline decorated like a necklace. What is not to love?

View of bedecked Indian Naval ships

The armed forces on the high seas give us a sight to behold. Vizag witnesses the bedecked ships on Navy day and Fleet Reviews. Their fire-cracker show and ops display are well loved.

View of INS Kursura

The beloved submarine museum is so familiar to us but it never grows old for us. At night with the lights on, it is as commanding as it is during the day. (source -tripmondo)

Views in and around Bamboo Bay, The Park

A fine eating joint and a view to make a lazy dinner special. Lounging here with the sight of the sea and candle lights is superb. Visakhapatnam dinners are memorable here.

View of street life on Beach Road

Awake till wee hours of the night, families strolling or sitting at the beach is a familiar sight. It is lively and calm at the same time and a peaceful sight. (source – kostalife)

Views of Simhanchalam Temple

The view of Simhachalam Temple at night especially during Chandanostavam is gorgeous. (source – deccan chronicle)

View of and from Novotel and Gateway

What a pretty sight the two hotels seen from the road. The view of the beach road and surrounding city is also very captivating from here.

View from VUDA Kailasgiri

The place to go and where we have been going. A photographer’s dream for night photography, is Kailasgiri. Enchanting and enthralling view that is always a sight for sore eyes.

View of Dolphin’s Nose lighthouse

The trademark feature to our horizon and a legendary place this. The dolphin’s nose that we were curious about in childhood and love as adults. A sight at night which every tourist takes away as a memory. (source – letsvizag)

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