Depression to be formed in Bay of Bengal. What’s in store for Vizag?

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A tropical low in the Bay of Bengal is being seen as a cyclonic threat to Southeastern India. The areas from Chennai towards Vizag and Puri are under the threat of a cyclonic storm this weekend.

According to certain weather predictions, this new tropical threat is expected to become a depression on Wednesday. As it nears the coast of Southeastern India it is likely to bring rain and thunderstorms.

Another concern is that increasing wind around the system is expected to churn up seas across the southern Bay of Bengal. Fisherman in Southeastern India will have to be extra cautious later this week and into the weekend as seas become dangerously rough.

What the Cyclone Warning Centre said

An update from the Cyclone Warning Centre might, however, ease a few nerves. “The depression will form on Wednesday, after which it will move towards the direction of North Tamil Nadu and South Coastal Andhra Pradesh,” an official at the Cyclone Warning Centre in Vizag told Yo! Vizag. On being asked about the update regarding the cyclone, he said that no cyclone is likely to form in the near future.

What will the depression bring along?

A depression, also known as a low-pressure system occurs when the weather is dominated by unstable conditions. A low pressure has a typical bad reputation of bringing bad weather. This is because areas of low pressure tend to be very cloudy and often cause rain or thunderstorms that are accompanied by strong winds.

Experts suggest that this depression should be closely monitored and keep a track on this looming tropical threat.

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