Awesome new things that have come to Visakhapatnam in 2017

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Visakhapatnam has come a long way and there are some new and awesome things that have made our city bigger, better and so much more rocking.

2017 was a good year for Visakhapatnam and it’s people. No doubt about it. New projects have been undertaken, pacts made and cool joints have come up to wow us and keep the spirits charged. One can go as far as to say that the City of Destiny has undergone a metamorphosis to come out a new, ultra modern city of reckoning. Here are some of the coolest things in Visakhapatnam that have happened in 2017.

Aircraft Museum

Tu-142m after rendering stellar service to the nation as an aircraft of Indian Navy found it’s final resting place in Visakhapatnam. Post-decommissioning, it has been converted into an aircraft museum that enables one to reach the high skies in a war aircraft by reaching the Beach Road. Super awesome. What makes it even better is that the project was executed in a very short time and has come up in an amazing complex.


helicopter tourism
helicopter tourism

A project that was long delayed and much watched out for has finally been executed finally. Recently inaugurated, helicopters from Pawan Hans will be here to delight one by an aerial view of our favourite city. Spectacular ride and even better views and experience.

Andhra University Convention Center

Andhra University
Andhra University Convention Center

A world class convention center is what the city needed and 2017 saw it delivered. Andhra University has created a convention center in a sprawling are right at beach roads with global standards to boot. As a testimony we have the recent Alumni Meet of Andhra University that shows how much is possible right there and how well can things be arranged. A truly world class addition to Vizag.

Kambalakonda Adventure Sports


Scenic and peaceful Kambalakonda Natural Reserve has seen the best utilization of it’s potential in a eco-friendly and exciting way. Adventure sports for those who are truly daring and raring to go has started. Everything a thrill seeker needs for a grand outdoor experience is right here within reach of Visakhapatnam dwellers. Goat walking, zip lining, hiking, trekking, kayaking and more exciting things are happening.

This is of course not all. More things have happened and grand projects added. We have put down just a few. Do mention your favourites that you want covered. Cheers to the spirit of Vizag and it’s people.

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