Animal Rights March to be held in Visakhapatnam on October 15th

animal rights, visakhapatnam
animal rights march

There are many people who fight for animal rights but often can’t make their voices reach to larger audience.

Many a time, you might have cringed about the fact that the voiceless are being tortured in the name of laboratory experiments. You might have even suggested to your friend to adopt a stray dog instead of buying one from a pet shop. There’s a chance that you may have recently advised someone to go crackerless this Diwali for the sake of animals. Have an empathy towards animals and feel a responsibility towards them? Here’s the chance to make your opinion heard on a larger scale in Vizag.

The Animal Rights March

The 15th of October, Sunday, will witness an Animal Rights March at the beach road in the city of Visakhapatnam. A handful of animal activists from the city will be organizing this event to create awareness among the people on several animal rights’ issues. The rally will begin at 3:00 PM from Novotel and extend up to 7:00 PM over the stretch of beach road.

Anyone can be a part of this rally and lend their support in making it a success. The volunteers of the group hope that they will receive support from many fellow animal-lovers and make it possible to achieve their goals.

The Objectives of the March:

  1. Abolishing of Animal Testing in Laboratories for Cosmetic and Medical products.
  2. Adoption of Stray Animals
  3. Animal Equality
  4. Ethical Treatment of all Animals
  5. Dicouraging crackers this Diwali

One of the activists, Gunwanth Theegala says, “As we are a minor group in the city working without funds, but we are putting in our best efforts to make this event a success. We are hoping you and your friends and family are going to join and make this day productive and help all the voiceless of Vizag.”

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