An AP government website accused for leaking Aadhaar card details

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Aadhaar Card information is termed to be one of the most personal pieces of information and is not meant to be leaked around. In the latest information published on Huff Post, an Andhra Pradesh government website has been alleged for the leak of Adhaar numbers and bank account numbers of the people present in the database, when searched by their phone numbers.

.Around 23,000 farmers personal data has been leaked as an open database by Andhra Pradesh Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Board and Organisation, an AP Government website. The website provides values about the growth of Ayurvedic medicines and subsidies to the farmers and tribals in the state.

The information is open to everyone and one can see all the records and download them in an excel sheet too. Huff Post India chose a dozen farmers on a random basis and checked with their phone numbers to find their entire personal information in the database.

.Generally, to hack a website and go through an information, the hacker has to spend some time finding the website address and go through the dashboards. In the latest case, all one needs is the person’s phone number to access their total information.

Huffington Post mentioned that they have reported the issue to AP Government and still the data is available openly online.

Story first published on Huffington Post

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