6 things every bearded guy would relate to

Arjun Reddy

A man’s best friend (no, not a dog!) since times immemorial, this thing, that promises to be with you no matter what, only grows a stronger bond as time progresses. It is, probably, the most priced possession of a man. For they say, “a man without a beard is a man without a mane.”

Alright, with No Shave November just making its exit, most of you must have bid adieu to your beloved pal by now. Also, there must be a few who must have vowed to have long-time commitment with your mane. All said and done, anyone who’s grown a beard with a considerable density must have faced many stereotypes.

Here are six things that any “beardo” would relate to.


#1 Whose style are you following?

Probably the most annoying question during the “beard phase”. Every second guy would want to know whose style are you inspired by! Get ready to face some punches of ‘Nannaku Prematho’ or the latest ‘Arjun Reddy’. Wonder why don’t these guys even entertain the thought that the beard must be the guy’s own identity! -_-

#2 How many more days dude?

Ever thought how concerned your friend is about you? Grow a beard and wait until he/she showers concern for you. “How many more days dude? It’s been too long since I have seen you clean. Bahut hai!” Try to retaliate by saying. “Oh yeah? I have seen you clean for too many days. Why don’t you grow a beard!” For beard is our first love after all!

#3 The styling experts

Image result for courage the cowardly dog haircut guyFrom the neighbouring aunty to your long-seen pal, everyone has an opinion on what should be done with your beard. Also, they somehow know what suits your face best! “Try to trim it in one”, “Why don’t you try a french cut?”, “Goti will get you all!”. Don’t bother. At the end of the day, it’s your beard, your rules!”

#4 Love Failure?

Image result for arjun reddyOk just because Arjun Reddy had a beard after breaking up with his girl does not mean the same applies to anyone for God’s sake!

#4 The “parents factor”

Probably the toughest challenge you need to overcome in order to sustain your long-loved beard. Try convincing your mom and dad that beard has always been something that you have longed since childhood and now is the chance to go the distance. By the way, be prepared to go without any food on some days. (Consequences of not listening to your beloved parents)  😛

#5 The “After-Beard” Effects

Image result for before and after beard meme

Ouch! This hurts big time. While with a beard, you can go to places boasting your pride and manhood as all eyeballs stay glued to your beard. Think this is permanent? Wait until you get rid of your facial hair. By the way, do not feel surprised if you fail to recognise your “baby face” in the mirror the next morning.

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