5 typical experiences when a Vizagite travels to Hyderabad

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Hyderabad and Vizag stand as two of the more popular cities in the Telugu states. Be it for the job-purposes, a big-fat family function, or even for an all emotional reunion, many people keep switching in between these two cities on a regular basis. However, there exist a few typical things that anyone, who travels to Hyderabad from Vizag, would experience. Here are 5 of such things that we all must have experienced at least once during our “Vizag to Hyderabad” visit.

#1 The Biryani fervour

One dish that immediately strikes our mind when we hear about Hyderabad is that of the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani. Now, how dearly to we wait to gorge over a plate of this mouthwatering signature dish on each of our visits to Hyderabad?

#2 The Traffic

 We all know the pain. Traffic jams in a metro like Hyderabad can be pretty frustrating and even get on your nerves. For someone who is used to the relatively hassle-free traffic in Vizag, coping up with the place’s traffic jams will be an all-new challenge altogether.

#3 The long distances

For all those who are accustomed to the relatively shorter distances in Vizag, the majorly long distances in Hyderabad can really put their patience to test.

#4 The “Nightlife”

All the night owls usually end up having a ball in Hyderabad. A plethora of nightclubs that flourish with ravishing parties keep them hooked all night.

#5 Missing the beach

No matter wherever you go, a true Vizagite’s soul can never be detached from the city’s blissful beaches. From the ancient Charminar to the recently developed shopping malls, nothing in the city can help a Vizagite get over his/her obsession with the beach.

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