Maggi – Why we in Visakhapatnam love the food so much despite the lab tests.


From any of our earliest memories (okay, let us modify it to most of us) one of the best and easiest of food history, the Maggi has us drooling. Who in Visakhapatnam doesn’t love the Maggi at GITAM down? The worst cooks among us can cook it and the 2-minute advertising jingle still lingers with memories of satisfied hunger. So much is associated with a plateful of Maggi that the hardest healthy food fanatic finds it hard to resist. Recently in news again and embroiled in controversy over lab tests, Maggi, a product of Nestle India Ltd is generating negative publicity again. Despite all this and many more brands alongside on the store shelf, no one can replace Maggi for the food lover. Here’s why?

#1 It is TASTY and mind-blowingly SATISFYING

Who hasn’t tasted the heavenly feeling of a hot plate of Maggi when stricken with hunger. In childhood when Mothers made it or the Canteen-wala in college, the taste, the feeling and satisfaction remains the same. Ask any college goer or young professional in Visakhapatnam to know this.

#2 The worst cooks among us can cook a spectacular serving of Maggi

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They say that one who can boil water can cook Maggi and it is so so true. Men and boys, adults as well as the young will relate better to this. Hunger strikes and just anything won’t do…. what can one eat? The answer in most cases, despite it’s being dragged to the lab tests is Maggi.

#3 Gourmet delight at a shoe-string budget.

Yes, there we said it. We have all been through times of a crunch and crisis especially in our pocket money days. At times like these, a packet of Maggi is the gourmet within reach and easy, peasy to ready it a jiffy. In Visakhapatnam as elsewhere, the dish is within reach and filling.

#4 So many variants of the humble plate of Maggi.

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Few ready-to-eat packaged foods lend themselves so easily to variations. This simple food can be tweaked into desi, chinese, south indian, hot, spicy and a million versions and this makes us love it more.

#5 Friendships, relationships and memories are made over it.

Source – Hindustan Times

Flashback to our college days, dating days, formative years when news, reviews, considerations were all lighter and easier. We have all bonded with friends over this cup of noodles and got over breakups with an especially sinful plate of the same. Now we all are a little more health conscious and we should be. But for a cheat day or a day for indulgence, we can slack a little. Can’t we? Do let us know.

Disclaimer – The views expressed here are solely of the writer and not Yo! Vizag.

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