5 reasons why Bigg Boss became a popular program in every household

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The inaugural season of the reality show Bigg Boss has ended last week and there’s a sense of vacuum in many homes. Over the last 2 months or so, the show had become a part of the daily routine for many people. As soon as the clock struck 9.30 pm, there was only one channel that many viewers tuned to.

The reality show has given us many reasons to get glued to our TV sets. Here are 5 of the top reasons that we feel have made it a big hit.

#5 The perfect dinner time partner

Many of us have the habit of watching TV while eating something. Bigg Boss was telecast at 9.30 pm during the weekdays and at 9.00 pm on the weekends. This, generally, is the very time during which many people have their dinner. And oh yes, didn’t we just love to have our favourite meal as we indulge into the housemates’ lives.

#4 Familiar contestants

Majority of the 14 contestants were familiar faces to the audience. Comedian Dhanraj, Actors Siva Balaji, Sampoornesh Babu, Archana, and Hari Teja are a few such names to mention. Even singers like Kalpana and Madhu Priya were popular names. This familiarity made the audience easily connect with their favourite celebrities and get to know more about them.

#3 Controversies

We just love controversies and the house had a fair share of them. Be it a housemate v/s housemate, or the housemates v/s the Bigg Boss, there were many fights that kept the audience hooked to their seats. While some of the tussles were fierce, some brewed in hidden layers and contributed to the show’s TRP ratings.

#2 The Tarak factor

One of the major talking points of the show was its host, Jr NTR. Even though it was only during the weekends that he showed, Tarak made sure that he added the X-factor to the show. The star, who enjoys a huge fan base, proved to be the most important factor in publicizing the show and getting the audience watch the show.

#1 Entertainment

Above all, it was the show’s entertaining attributes that made it a hit. Right from its unique concept to the way in which the in-house activities were conceptualized, Bigg Boss delivered loads of entertainment to the people. While some activities struck an emotional chord with the viewers,  some put a smile on their faces. Moreover, many other celebrities like Rana, Vijay Devarakonda, and Tapsee visited the show to thrill the audience.


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