5 reasons to like and dislike the Jagadamba theatre

jagadamba theatre

We’ve all been to this place at least once. The iconic Jagadamba Theatre in our city has been giving us thrills since many years. It’s one of the oldest and the most famous theatres in Vizag. There’s even an area named after it.

But over the last few years, the theatre has been coming under the scanner with many people complaining about the facilities here. So let’s see what are the 5 reasons why people like and 5 reasons why people dislike this place.

5 reasons to like

1) It’s big screen

The Jagadamba theatre has quite a big screen. This offers an immersive experience to the viewers as it enhances the overall cinematic experience with its wide angled viewing.

2) The sound system

The sound system is too good with DTS and Dolby Atmos. They’ve even recently installed a state of the art Line Array sound system.

Jagadamba’s superior quality sound system coupled with its large screen makes it the best choice to watch any movie that is high on technical aspects. Be it for Bahubali, or for Interstellar, or even for a horror movie, we’ve wanted a ticket to Jagadamba.

3) The first-day frenzy for a big movie

The atmosphere of the theatre on the first day of any big release is something you have to experience. The fans decorate the theatre like a bride and even express their joy by bursting crackers sometimes. The theatre is jam packed and the in house experience is unbelievable. The fans scream on top of their voices and the contagious energy just draws everyone into the celebration.

4) The location

Our beloved Jagadamba is located right at the heart of the city. There are many buses and share-autos that travel by the theatre which makes commuting very easy.

5) Home to specific movies

Another thing we love about Jagadamba is that movies that aren’t generally released nowhere in the city, are released in Jagadamba. Mostly, Hollywood movies fall under this category. Jagadamba has been the ultimate hope for many English movie lovers in the city.

5 reasons to dislike

1) Unhygienic Washrooms

As we all know, the washrooms in the theatre are not well maintained. They’re pretty unhygienic and make you cringe when you enter into them. The theatre management needs to address this issue asap and ensure that toilets are maintained in a hygienic manner.

2) The Leg-space

All the tall people will surely relate to this. The seating rows are very close to one another which has reduced the room for the audience’s legs. You might even probably feel claustrophobic ( Big boss viewers know what I’m talking about). The owners somehow need to address this issue to give the viewers an ever more pleasurable experience.

3) The Food

The canteen’s food is not up to the mark. They need to sell a better variety of food that’s of good quality. Also, the canteen space is generally filled with cigarette-smoke during the intervals. It would be great if there are separate smoking rooms so that non-smokers aren’t subjected to inconvenience.

4) The Car Parking space

The parking space for cars is limited. As the complex has three theatres, it’s important that they should be able to accommodate more cars. The place gets congested with a filled car parking space along with a large crowd.

5) The confusion of seat allocation

There have been some instances where the same seat has been allocated to two different persons. While this is a rare occurrence, the theatre management needs to take care that such mishaps don’t occur and the audience isn’t put to inconvenience.

All said and done, in spite of all these inconveniences, Jagadamba still remains the marquee theatre of Vizag. While it has been improving over the years, it will be nice if all the above-mentioned issues are also addressed and give us, even more, reasons to love this theatre.

Image credits- spicyonion.com

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