5 places to visit in Visakhapatnam when clouds cover the open skies

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Romantic, whimsical and fluffy clouds cover Visakhapatnam today and we are definitely thinking “outdoors” to enjoy it. 5 places to visit in such lovely weather today.

Visakhapatnam has a number of places where one can enjoy the clouds covering the sky, a gentle breeze blowing and a cool weather instead of a humid, coastal sunny day. But 5 places to visit that one must not miss are listed and invitations from explorers for more are called for. Tell us how you enjoy a beautiful, cloudy day here. Meanwhile here is our list of favourite good weather haunts. Enjoy!!

  1. Hands down winner of this list is our all time Fave – Yes! Guessed right, that is RK Beach Road. A place one can lie back, sit back or get chatty with friends with the cool breeze on our face and the clouds hovering above. The absolute stuff of dreams in real life. Nowhere else the view can compete, nor the ambiance.
  2. Tenneti Park is the cloudy day hot-favourite pit stop – But then of course. On the way if you are on a long drive or heading there, it is a favourite of everyone here. It overhangs the beach with the city and the horizon and clouds melting into a poetic scenery and takes our breath away.
  3. Viewpoints on Kailasagiri, especially the one that looks over NH5 – High up in the sky and looking at the street life in Visakhapatnam, this balcony or viewing point will almost let you touch the clouds. Serene and peaceful, we plan to head here.
  4. The cafe at Rama Naidu Studios – View of a cloudy horizon with the awesome sea and all this with a cup of fresh brewed coffee to go. It is killing yourself with happiness here. Head here with friends or meet up for a date with someone special. 
  5. Light house atop Dolphin’s Nose – Well what can we say? Everything that makes a lovely overcast day outing is here. View of the sea and the harbours, bustling ships entering and leaving harbour and a lovely Visakhapatnam set against the scenery.(Long sigh!!)

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