5 food dishes in Visakhapatnam you can’t miss

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Hola Visakhapatnam foodies! Hope you guys are having a great weekend. We bring you the third installment of our food saga to make your weekend even better. Here are the K-O food dishes that will get you drooling.

Kulche Chole

The butter-slathered kulche are perfectly crisp on the outside and soft inside. Authentic chole topped with yummy pudina chutney tastes best when accompanied with lemon and onions.
Where: Ladoo Gopal, Siripuram

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wrap

Caramelized onions and lemon pepper chicken blended with aioli sauce give this a unique flavor. Rolled up and grilled in a tortilla, this dish is served along with a pickled vegetable salad.
Where: Ice Castle, Siripuram


The melt-in-mouth, tender, and sweet cookies are made from ground almond. They are served with a cream based frosted filling. Choose from different flavours to suit your dessert craving.
Where: Fresh Choice, Siripuram

Natukodi Fry

Fiery hot and spicy, this simple and wholesome dish of the state is something you wouldn’t want to miss. With a juicy inside, the specially-made country chicken is tempered with curry leaves for an extra edge in the flavour.
Where: Executive Court,
Waltair Uplands

Olive Naan

Chopped green and black olives top this heavenly soft, buttered naan. The flavour of the olives adds a certain flair to the regular naan and will surely surprise you. It can be accompanied with your favourite side dish.
Where: The Park, Beach Road

Hope these dishes will keep you up and running until the dreadful Monday arrives. Until our fourth installment in this epic saga, Happy eating! 🙂

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