5 popular individuals we would like to see in Big Boss Telugu show

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The Big Boss Telugu reality show has given us many reasons to get glued to the TV sets. Entertainment is one of the best things in the show that the contestants provide to the viewers. Here are 5 popular individuals whom people would love to see contesting in the Big Boss Telugu show.

Bandla Ganesh

The show lovers would be excited to watch Bandla Ganesh for the attitude he maintains. Who knows, bringing Bandla Ganesh to the show might help bring Donald Trump too. ( For Trump details, watch his interview with TNR)

Ninja Kid

The kid has risen to fame for his outrageous selfie video on Youtube. Just in case if there is no age limit for the show, there would be chances to witness this Ninja Kids (assumed name) entertainment.

Darling Das

Almost every social media user in the state would be familiar with this person. Hilarious or not, his dance skills and Dubsmash videos are quite popular among the youngsters. The viewers would love to see him perform every day in the show during the morning songs.

Meluko Telugoda News Anchor

Very famous for his frustration levels, the audience will love the havoc he would create if he comes across the wrong literature. The other contestants should be really careful with the word “Maakenti”.

Diversion Aunty

Known popularly for her foresight, if given the opportunity to be a part of Big Boss, “Diversion” Aunty would possibly divert any elimination she gets nominated for!

The content is only for entertainment but not to hurt anybody.

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