More Than 2 Million Fliers Recorded at Visakhapatnam Airport

Vizag Airport Flyers

Visakhapatnam Airport has reached a major milestone by managing 2.1 million fliers which includes both domestic and international travellers during the year 2016.

The airport witnessed footfalls of 21.01 lakh in 2016 as compared to 14.7 lakh in the year 2015. This registering a growth of around 42% in the air traffic at the Visakhapatnam airport. Visakhapatnam Airport witnessed more than 2 lakh footfalls in a single month four times in the year 2016 whereas it had reached a maximum of only 1.56 lakh passengers in a month in the year 2015.

Domestic traffic in Vizag has continued to increase in 2016 even though the international passenger traffic declined due to the pull out of Malindo Air, which was operating flights between Vizag and Kuala Lumpur, in February 2016.

While domestic air traffic in 2016 was around 20 lakh as against 14 lakh in 2015, international air passengers at Vizag dropped from 1.1 lakh in 2015 to around 1 lakh in 2016. Vizag Airport handled around 50 flights on an average each day in 2016 as compared to around 40 flights on an average in 2015.

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