10 ideas to have a Rakhi celebration that you will remember forever

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Raksha Bandhan is one of those many Hindu festivals which goes beyond the religion. It celebrates the special bond that brothers and sisters (not necessarily bound by blood) share. “Raksha” means “protect” and “Bandhan” represents the relationship between the brother and the sister. People set aside a whole day and come up with ideas and mark them gifts to make their Rakhi celebration memorable.

Rakhi Muhurat 2019

This year, the day of Raksha Bandhan is even more auspicious as according to Hindu calendar, it falls on Sravana Poornima. Any time between 1:43 pm to 4:20 pm has been determined to be the ideal muhurat to tie the rakhi.

When young, brothers and sisters are inseparable and regularly seen fighting with each other. Some great memories are sampled to reminisce upon when they grow up and can’t see each other as often. As adults, some of these siblings immerse into their busy lives and meet only at family functions. Then comes the festival of Rakhi and they are reunited in the mood of celebration. With only a day to spend together, they look for innovative and fun ideas to have a great Rakhi celebration before they return to their routine lives. Below listed are a few ideas as to how brothers and sisters can have a Rakhi celebration to cherish.

5 Rakhi Celebration Ideas:

#1 A Holiday trip

Brothers and sisters can plan a sibling-only trip that beautifully marks the bond that they share. It can be a stars-filled camping trip or a road trip to the coast with their shared favourite music being played in the car. If not, they can revisit a place from their childhood that is of significance to either. It can be nicely enveloped as a surprise to the other or be meticulously planned with plenty to do.

#2 Movies that depict the brother-sister bond

If you want your Rakhi celebration to be a bit laidback and still fun, plan a movie night where you watch movies that remind you of your times as brothers and sisters.

#3 Collage making

Every family home has a certain drawer filled with childhood albums of brothers and sisters. Rakhi is a good occasion for siblings to turn those albums into beautiful collages together. What a delightful way to remember those golden memories and forge new ones!

#4 At Orphanages

Rakhi celebration is not all about being with your family. It can also be about sharing what a family is like with those who have never had that feeling. Visit a nearby orphanage and celebrate Rakhi with orphans, give them an idea of what Raksha Bandhan can be.

#5 Rakhi for Soldiers

Our soldiers are always at the front tirelessly guarding our nation and they spend months away from their family in extreme conditions. This year, a few girls from Bharatiya Vidyalaya in Tamil Nadu came up with the idea of presenting Rakhis to the Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat which will be tied to soldiers around the country. In return, General Rawat also gave Rakhi gifts and sweets on behalf of the soldiers. If you wish, you can too send in a Rakhi and thank a soldier for protecting us. This way, their Rakhi celebration is also complete.

Looking for gifts to your sibling on Rakhi Celebration?

It is always difficult to figure out the perfect Rakhi gift for your sibling. You spend hours on Amazon trying to find the right present- it has to be easily accessible and yet, should feel personal- and are left clueless as to what to get. You think and think about what they might need and what can be considered memorable. To help you, here are a few ideas on what can be given to your sibling on Rakhi celebration as a gift.

5 Gift Ideas:

#1 Rakhi cakes

Go to a nearby bakery and have them make a personalized cake with a lovely icing in the form of a Rakhi. Better yet, if you can, bake it yourself and sprinkle some sweetness in your sibling’s life.

#2 Dry Fruits pack

Put some raisins, some cashew nuts, and some almonds in a box and craftily wrap it. Gift it to your sibling on Rakhi along with a lot of love. If short on time, Cadbury Celebrations is always well-received.

#3 Customised Greeting cards

Each brother-sister bond is unique in its own way and there’s no reason why that bond should be celebrated in orthodox fashion by giving them greeting cards purchased at some shop. Instead, pen down a greeting card telling the story of your brother-sisterhood.

#4 Day-to-day things

It is wise to give your sibling a gift that always reminds them of you. A personalised phone cover, a wallet with a photo of the two of you and perfumes are the most common ideas. In case, you wish to gift your sibling something related to their profession, a pen or a diary for a writer, a camera for a photographer or colours for a painter. You know your sibling, you know their taste. Gift them something you know they will like and use regularly. Give them the opportunity to cherish this year’s Rakhi celebration forever.

#4 Best brother/sister certificate

This is the trend nowadays. Being a sibling can be hard and is nothing short of an achievement if done religiously. Present your sibling with a certificate to remind them that this Rakhi is a celebration of how awesome they are.

So select your Rakhi gifts and let your sibling know how much you love them. Have a blessed and fun Raksha Bandhan!

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