Vizag tourism: It’s time we explore the unexplored beauties of the city

vizag tourism

The beaches have long hold the torch when it comes to tourism in Vizag. It is true that the Beach Road is a good place to unwind and resonate with nature but then, it’s time we explore the many other unexplored beauties of this beautiful city.

The Beach Road is the undisputed king in terms of the most crowded places in the city, more so in the evenings. It is because of a cluster of tourist spots such as Tenneti Beach Park, VUDA Park and the Matsyadarshini Aquarium, that dot the Beach Road. However, there largely remain a bunch of tourist sites in the city that can turn out to be more enchanting than they’re expected to be. The best examples of such places in Vizag include the Buddhist sites of Thotlakonda and Bavikonda, the wildlife sanctuary of Kambalakonda and Shilparamam near Madhurawada, where one can see the innovative use of scrap material. These unexplored spots offer more than just seclusion and peace. They give us an opportunity to look into our pasts, to explore the flora and fauna of nature and to observe people’s innovation and artistic skills.

The Old Town, though not exactly a tourist spot, rightfully deserves a mention too. It has many historic buildings including the renowned King George Hospital, the District Collectorate and the St. Aloysius Anglo-Indian High School among others. INTACH conducts heritage walks in this area regularly and we should try to be a part of it whenever possible to realise the area’s rich heritage.

A few other unexplored sites in the city include Mudasarlova Park and the Nehru Park in Ukkunagaram. Both of them are vast green parks, with the former having a reservoir flanking it.

Author’s take:

The government should focus on allocating more funds for the promotion and development of such sites. The historic buildings of Old Town are an integral part of Vizag’s heritage and efforts should be undertaken in order to restore and promote them. The development of alternate tourist spots would serve the dual purpose of decongesting the Beach Road and the decentralised development of the city. Tourism in Vizag would boost the development of the neighbourhoods in the vicinity of such alternate tourist spots and as a result, would lead the development of all parts of the city. Last but not least, it depends on us, the citizens of Vizag, to uncover the lesser known sites and to promote them among our friends and family. Let us all make an effort to visit at least one new place of interest this summer.

Article contributed by Debabrata Malik.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are solely of the author and not Yo! Vizag.

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