7 different types of people you would find on Vizag roads

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In the recent times, the roads in Vizag have been posing some serious challenges to those who use them. As if the potholes and bumpy marvels on some of these roads weren’t enough, the ever-increasing vehicular density in Vizag has made the matters worse. From being loved for its open roads and cleaner atmosphere to being cursed for its congested roads and polluted airs, Visakhapatnam’s changing landscape has certainly given us plenty to worry about in the recent times. If the current trends of traffic in Vizag are anything to go by, the citizens seem to be in for some tough times ahead.

Furthermore, to add salt to injury are the different types of annoyances we encounter daily on these roads. Thanks to the different kinds of people we encounter, the rides in Vizag are made all the more special. Here are 7 types of people you would find on the roads of Vizag.

(The GIFs have been used on a funnier note to indicate the reactions of either of the parties involved in an incident).

#1 Those who stare back when you honk at them

#2 Autowalas riding on their own terms

#3 Those who park their vehicle wherever they want

GIF Credits- Tollygifs.com

#4 Those who search for an address while driving the vehicle

#5 Pedestrians walking in the middle of the road

#6 Those who turn their vehicle without giving indicators

#7 Those who keep giving you “gyaan” on how to drive

PS-This article is purely humour related and not to offend or hurt anyone.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely of the author and not Yo! Vizag.

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