4 famous food options in Vizag that never go out of fashion

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alpha hotel biryani

We love our food in Vizag. Be it a packet of Muri Mixture sold on the street side or an authentic meal in a chic restaurant, we gorge upon them all. But here are a few foods that have stood the test of time and continue to be renowned as the city’s marquee dishes. While a few might differ in the opinion given a “slight variation” in the specialty of these foods, the fact that they remain top on a foodie’s list invites little dispute.

#1 Muri Mixture

That typical chatpata, spicy, freshly made muri mixture on the beach can make anyone drool over. Walking on the beach road while munching over a packet of muri-mixture is one of the typical experiences to be had in Vizag.

#2 Raju gari Pulao

A place that comes highly recommended to anyone who visits Vizag for the first time, Sea Inn restaurant, or popularly known as Raju Gari Dhaba, has been an age-old preference in the city. The place stands as a famous food hub for many gourmets here.

#3 Alpha Hotel biryani

A neon sign proudly proclaims to specialise in Hyderabadi Biryani at the Jagadamba Junction, Vizag. Always packed with customers, Alpha Hotel has been the go-to for anyone craving some authentic dum biryani that will also offer them a generous side of nostalgia.

#4 Punukulu near the LIC building

One of the most popular pit stops in the city, the Punukulu stall near LIC building has fans spread all over. Popularly known as the “LIC Punukulu”, these delicious snacks are a huge favourite to many and prove to be the soul savers when your hungry and running dry on pockets.

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