Famous old-fashioned places for unique offerings in Vizag

It is not just the green hills and blue waters that Vizag is famous for. The city plays host to myriad other specialities too. And among these many specialities is the local range of shopping that has been upholding Vizag’s quintessence for many decades now. Here are a few such old-fashioned places in the city that have been offering us unique products that reflect the immaculate artistry and richness of the Indian old-school. And if you haven’t experienced shopping at these places, then head here straight away!

Kummari Veedhi

visakhapatnam, diwali, potter lane
In Vizag, down the overcrowded Dondaparthy road, a little lane that runs at right angles transports you to another world altogether. The Kummari veedhi or the potter’s lane is a market that is narrow yet appealing. This is where the earthen flower pots, diyas and other earthenware for Diwali are created. While the market is not as busy as it once used to be, the families that are into this line of work continue to take it up even after decades.

Poorna market’s bamboo weavers (Medara community)

bamboo, visakhapatnamAs an art that requires immaculate handiwork, bamboo weaving, unfortunately, stands as one of the less-recognised professions. The Medara community in Visakhapatnam crafts bamboo weaves which are are eco-friendly, economical and beautiful products. Many families from this community, live here, weaving a range of products. It is fascinating to watch them at work, weaving effortlessly.

The Ayurvedic shop of Pacchipulusu Venkata Sannaiah

oldest stores, visakhapatnamHaving retained its old-time look, charm and values, the Ayurvedic shop of Pacchipulusu Venkata Sannaiah continues to be a landmark on Kurupam market main road for the past 150 years in Vizag. From ever since the store started, it has been selling Ayurvedic medicines, chemicals for fireworks and puja samagri for ceremonies and functions like housewarming and marriages to even uncommon ones such as dhvaja stambham for temples.

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