5 things every Vizag girl will relate to

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Whether you’re born in Vizag, or you came here later on, if you’re a girl who has had her connections with the city, then here are five things to which you would relate to. So grab some popcorn and settle in girls!

#1 Vizag girls are ‘well-behaved’

We’ve only heard this too many times. From the movie ‘Oy!’ to the aunty that lives across the state, we Vizag girls have developed a reputation of being ‘calm’ and ‘nice’. But like the ocean from afar, we might give you an impression of being ‘well-behaved’ but when the need arises, we’re far from serene. Strong, resilient and ready to fight any autowala who demands more money than required, we’re up for it.

#2 Shopping (Ugh!)

The most annoying thing a Vizag girl experiences before a big day or a major event is the limited shopping options. Having to choose between the same three or four malls available to shop, there is not only the misery of not finding anything suitable to wear but also the fear that we might end up with the same outfit as someone else.

#3 Mostly disappointing dates to the beach

We know it’s a major attraction, we know it’s romantic and sweet (and not to mention very inexpensive) to take us to a stroll/ ride along the beach. Listen up future dating prospects, please come up with something more original. We’ve spent our whole lives here, so it’d be nice to be taken someplace new.

#4 Biker Chick Chronicles 

Breaking several stereotypes, many Vizag girls have been riding motorcycles. It has become a common sight in the city to find women riding away into the sunset with flowing hair tucked into helmets. What is also common is the various gawking citizens who seem to always be curious. Come on people! We know that we’re cool, no need to stare.

#5 Hounding photographers in DMs

With the increase of photographers (i.e., every guy with a camera claiming to be one) and the decrease of girls willing to be their models, every Vizag girl with a social media presence has her messages being flooded with requests for shoots. Yes, the attention is good sometimes, but can you just chill and go photograph some trees or something? Okay, thanks.

PS: The article is written by a proud Vizag girl.

Disclaimer: This article is humour based and isn’t intended to hurt anyone. The views expressed here are solely of the author and not Yo! Vizag

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