5 things in Vizag that you can brag about in the tourist season

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Vizag is endowed with a rich assembly of places that offer enriching experiences. Hailed as the jewel of the east coast, the coastal city, thanks to its many alluring attractions, is a favourite destination for any tourist each year.

While the recent concerns of pollution and vehicular traffic have caused a worry or two to the locals, here are 5 things that promise to make Vizag proud constantly, when it comes to its charm as a tourist spot.

#1 Lambasingi

Nestled in the lush greens of the Eastern Ghats is the misty hill-station of Lambasingi. From the hope of catching a sprinkling of snow to gazing at the stars in the deep night skies, Lambasingi packs a multitude of unique experiences. Also, the much-awaited cottages here would be all in readiness soon and look deemed to bolster the tribal hamlet’s reputation of one of the perfect getaways.

#2 Borra Caves in Araku

Borra Caves in Araku are one of the longest and the deepest cave in India -The caves which are predominantly limestone structures have at the deepest extended to a depth of 80 meters. It ranges across 2 sq.kms and within the caves you can walk around for about 0.35 kilometers.

#3 Araku Coffee

Who doesn’t love a cup of hot refreshing coffee on a nice rainy day?  Araku has always been famous for its versatile coffee produce. The climatic conditions at this hilly town have perfectly supported the growth of some excellent coffee. Girijan Cooperative Corporation (GCC) is, in particular, a popular producer and packer of Araku Coffee. The brand got so popular and exotic, even AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu once gifted them to Korean and Russian delegates during their visit.

#4 The Beach Road

From foreign delegates to international cricketers, numerous individuals have fallen head over heels with the enchanting stretch along the famous RK Beach in Vizag. Playing host to myriad other attractions, including fancy hotels and local food stalls, the beach road in the city is the place for all in the city.

#5 The sacred-circuit

of sacred summits, including temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara, and other sacred summits. From offering a quaint setting to worship the divine to reflecting the quintessential cultural vibes, these places have emerged as special spots for many in the city.

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