4 famous schools in Vizag and one special thing about each one of them

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Timpany School

Memories at school last really long and for most of the people, these memories probably are the best. Here are 4 of the many famous schools in Vizag and one thing each to which the respective students would relate to.

#1 Timpany School: PEAS Programme trips

Ah! How dearly do we wait to get a trip out of Vizag during the PEAS programmes? Vadodara last year to Bangalore before that, PEAS programmes are not just educational trips but actually turn out to be the much-needed fun outings with your whole gang (approved by the parents btw).

#2 Visakha Valley School: The Friday assembly

Ah! The classic case, and probably the only one, where their houses came in handy. Friday Assembly saw them stand together with their housemates.

Green – Bhabha
Red – Raman
Yellow -Newton
Blue – Edison

#3 Little Angels School: School song in three languages

Be it “We are Little Angels, we bring you good tidings…” in English On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday or “Chinnari devathalam chadhuvula siri muvvalam…” in Telugu on Thursday or “Hum hein nannhe farishthey…” in Hindi on Friday, the Little Angels school song in the three different languages is something that stands out.

#4 Bethany School: A special thing for English songs

“Maaakinggg melody in my heart, making meealody in my heaart”. Lionel sir, melodious songs, rejoicing hearts make up the music period here bruh.

So, which is your favourite memory of your school?

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