Meet Vizag’s young rapper who is busy scripting his destiny

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Dennis Devraj

Dennis Devraj aspires to make rapping popular in Visakhapatnam and even longs to help many budding talents grow.

The Start

His journey traces its origins way back to 2008 when Dennis first listened to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’. The song created a long-lasting impression and inspired him to get into rapping. The 22-year-old delved into the virtual world and started equipping himself with the information about rapping. He explored numerous YouTube videos and online tutorials in order to get a strong foothold over the subject.

A unique ‘rap’ style

The old-school form of rapping prioritizes the lyrics and caters to what exactly the rapper wants to convey. The new form of rapping, on the other hand, highlights the beats in the background thereby making lyrics play second fiddle. Originally a practitioner of the old school form, Dennis thrives in conveying his thoughts to listeners.

He makes it clear that people need to get rid of their prejudice that rapping involves only cuss words. He says that rapping can actually strike a chord with the listeners when it makes use of simple and non-abusive language.

The B.Tech graduate, who embarked on his journey by composing lyrics in English, eventually started experimenting with composing Telugu lyrics as well. This has enabled him to produce many impressive blends of both languages.

Journey Ahead

Dennis reaches out to the audience through his YouTube channel. The rapper even performs at some events that are organised in the city. He is well known among the hip-hop circles of Vizag and has even been invited for collaborations with artists from other states. In fact, one of his EPs, ‘Yours Truly’, even features his association with a famous rapper from Bengaluru.

Currently getting trained in a VFX course, to get a job with this skill, Dennis has chosen a path less taken, and we wish him the best.

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