Visakhapatnam: The City of many names that fills you with wonder

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Picture Credits : Prem Anantaraman

Visakhapatnam City, our first love and a milestone destination for many has acquired not one but many names over a recent period of time. Here are the names and how the name has come about.

What would you call our beloved Visakhapatnam? Waltair? Vizagapatnam? City of Destiny? Well, yes. There are many more and here’s the what and how to it. Read more and share to spread the love.

  1. City of Destiny – One of the oldest names that Visakhapatnam is known by and one could not agree more. Lots of people, local and migrant as well as those who have made their home here agree that the city has bestowed good luck and good fortune.
  2. Port City – But of course it is?! One of the biggest on the East Coast is a busy commercial and Naval port. The Indian Navy as well as cargo, commercial and other companies use the advantages of our Vizag Port and harbour.
  3. Superlative City – A name that has come to be used over electronic and social media more so than normal parlance, this name befits a city that is home to the industrial might, military might as well as tourism hot traffic on this side of the country’s coast line.
  4. Steel city – A direct rip off from the Visakhapatnam steel plant, this name clearly indicates the importance of the Steel Plant as well as it’s importance to the city, the people living here as well as commerce of the country.
  5. City of Lights – This name is an off-shoot after the major electrification project with LED lights that spanned the entire city. Aglow with lights in all places across the city, the name is justified and just right.
  6. Smart City – Vizag Smart City is not just a name, it is a project of epic proportions, a promise of the Government here and a promise of the people living in the city to it.
  7. The City of Emerging Entrepreneurs – A more recent name than the others, this has come about after the state governments plans to build Visakhapatnam as the FINTECH and IT hub. Huge investments and infrastructure development is underway and entrepreneurship and innovation have come to become key words here.

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