6 types of WhatsApp users that we all have in our contacts

types of Whatsapp users
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The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has literally become an integral part of our lives. Take a look at some of the typical types of WhatsApp users whom we all come across.

#1 The spammers

types of whatsapp users

We all have at least one person in our contacts, who bombards us with Good Morning and Good Night messages every day. As soon as you activate your mobile, your notifications menu will be filled up with their messages.

#2 The forwarders

This is a greater sin than spamming. But there are those users, who just keep on forwarding messages as received from other people and groups. They don’t even look for the authenticity of the message before forwarding. They can also be called as the promoters of “fake news”.

#3 The emoji lovers

types of whatsapp users

We all come across people who don’t show interest in expressing their feelings through words. Instead, they are more comfortable using emojis. If given a chance, they’ll use more emojis than actual words. Sometimes, this may make the message more cartoonish than meaningful.

#4 The voice communicators

types of whatsapp users

There’s that one inevitable contact who never puts in the time, or energy, in typing out a message. Instead, they communicate through WhatsApp voice messages only. Sometimes, we need to take the trouble of listening to them even when we are at a public place.

#5 The status spammers

One of the more common types of WhatsApp users found in everyone’s contacts these days. They publicize everything that is happening in their life. Miraculously (read frustratingly) the bogeys keep adding to those long “WhatsApp trains” throughout the day.

#6 The Acronym lovers

The type of WhatsApp users are so used to acronyms, that they are even using them in their real life conversations. God save the old school users of the app! K. Bye. Tc. Ttyl.


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