Two Minute Food Delivery To Railways

food delivery

Good news for all the passengers on India’s large railway network who have been complaining about the unhygienic meals which are being served to sustain long hour journeys. The new services of bringing fast food delivery to their seats have taken their journey to an all new level.

With just a click on their smartphone, the passengers can have a varied range of delicacies including KFC and Domino’s Pizza be served at their seat. One passenger from Mathura said that this food is 100 times better than the railways food, who has been travelling long hours for many years now.  It was surprising how a deliveryman pushed his way through the crowd to locate his customer and deliver the order within two minutes. This service is a dream come true for many passengers who have been reporting about cockroaches being found in the dishes, food being cooked in smelly pantry cars and samosas being kept in a basket with mopping sticks.

Adding to these services is the increased demand for international cuisine and other fast foods along with the local delicacies. These services come under the modernizing India’s State owned railway networks. In the past year the government has announced $137 billion for five years modernisation plans which include Wi-Fi at the stations in collaboration with Google and improving the availability of food services on board.

The Indian Railways has invited major chains like KFC to sign up its e-catering service, allowing passengers to pre-book online by phone at major stations. The next step will be to set up base kitchens at these major stations to prepare freshly cooked food for delivery.

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