Traffic Tantrums #1 – Pedestrians with a death wish. Watch out!!


Traffic tantrums is a series of sarcastic but very very real account of encounters of a common man on common day Vizag streets. The perspective differs but the scenarios are what we face everyday while walking, driving, riding or just observing the streets of Vizag.

Scenario 1 , 10.15 a.m Dwarka Nagar traffic signal: The signals are working fine and people are taking turns to move on. A family of a father, a mother and 2 kids decide to make the crossing of a street more adventurous. In the 1 second before the signal goes green for side X, they decide to make a run for it. While the father thinks the mother is bringing the kids along, the mother thinks the same. The kids, really small, are confused and run randomly just as the traffic moves. To avoid collision and save the kid’s life, a biker brakes really hard and the scooterist behind him rams into him before your eyes blink. The kids God bless them are fine. The parents who had run for it charge the biker, the biker charges the parents and the scooterist is taken to the hospital.

Scenario 2, 6.13 p.m Beach road: Two girls are taking a joy ride at a reasonable speed, while tourists nearby are getting click-happy and munching. Suddenly the photography bug bit the tourist and he stepped onto the road for a better angle of the submarine museum. The girls never imagining someone stepping onto the busy road couldn’t avoid colliding. The trip went terribly wrong for the clicking tourist.

These are live scenarios that happen everyday in Vizag. No matter how alert you are, there will always be someone who is a little bit funny and adventurous to the point of suicidal. Then there are pedestrians who believe in humanity existing on Earth and walk without looking left or right. They believe people would stop for them no matter what speed they are at and how busy the traffic is. The ensuing injuries and loss of life and property become grave for both parties.

Let us not blame bikers, riders, drivers, scooterists etc always. One’s life is one’s priority first. You cannot be foolish yourself and paint the other black. Pedestrians acting suicidal by moving unpredictably on the roads, crossing without a care or not using the footpath is common in Vizag. But there will always be some walking red flags one can watch out for.

Red Flagged Humans

  1. Pedestrians at traffic signals who move at a leisurely pace. Watch out for they will make a run for it suddenly.
  2. Tourists overwhelmed by sights and sounds of Vizag. Prone to distraction, it’s for you to keep safe.
  3. Lovers quarreling on the street. Tempers could spill over on the road while you look on curiously.
  4. Pedestrians who stand on the road adjacent to road dividers. They are in a hurry and they will launch themselves at the road.
  5. A special kind oh humans who look right when the traffic is moving right while crossing the street. Get the point, do you?! The sense of direction and motion is absent here.
  6. Selfie clicking humans who can go to adventurous lengths for getting a picture right. A good display picture (dp!!) is worth a few injuries right?
  7. Youngsters on joy rides and school children. They are excused and so is their adrenaline. Let us deal with the adults first.

All the ads showing scenarios like these definitely know better. No cops and traffic signals can dissuade or change people who care for their own life little. Take care Vizagites until Traffic Tantrums #2.

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