7 Reasons to Own S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge
Galaxy S7 Edge

What is arguably the best phone from Samsung so far has now hit the market. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the perfection of an overachiever you loved to hate in school. The changes from it’s predecessors are mammoth in multitude and the way the phone feels in your hands is simply divine. The basic idea is the same as Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; but the improvements are immense.

We give you seven reasons to own Galaxy S7 Edge like right NOW!

Micro SD Slot

The reinstated Micro SD slot sitting on top of S7 Edge is expandable to hold memory up-to a whopping 200 GB. 200 GB YOU GUYS! Full resolution photos? Check. Graphic novel ebooks? Check. A million apps you will never use? Check.


Rejoice shutterbugs. f/1.7 aperture and dual pixel technology combined with 12 MP, 5 MP shooters and LED flash makes this gold. *heart eyes emoticon* For those wanting to capture the perfect shot while effected by a case of giggles or while travelling in a vibrating auto that keeps throwing you around, fear not, Smart OIS is here to save the day.

Battery & Processor

A massive battery of 3,600 mAh that goes from zero to full charge in a matter of minutes, a 4 GB RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 result in a heavenly wedded union that maketh S7 Edge.


We all know the feel of wanting our Speedy Ninja to be speedy but our phone just not feeling it, random notifications killin’ your vibe or your phone just plain old dying on you. Person; meet Game Launcher, Game Launcher; meet person.

Always On

Probably one of S7 Edge’s best customisable features, the Always On Display mode, shows the clock, date, pictures of your celebrity crush, percentage of the battery, call and message alerts on the lock screen in a low power mode on the already massive battery you have. We kid, it does not show you pictures of your celebrity crush.


We have good news for clumsy apes. Is your phone prone to being dunked into all forms of water and dust cause you’re just plain old awkward like that? Is your phone somehow always the one that finds its way into the beach like it has a mind of its own? S7 Edge’s IP68 makes this the perfect phone for you. Just save it from drowning within 30 minutes and you’re set.

Design & Looks

S7 Edge is so handy and gorgeous it hurts your eyes to just absorb in all the awesome. Not really. The 5.5 inch sleek beauty with Super AMOLED QHD display is made of polished metal and Gorilla glass and comes in four colours – gold, silver, white and black. The perfect sized beauty with curved edges and a flattened Camera bump is so much less annoying and handy than it’s predecessors.

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