The Organic Way


An online portal to access organic products, an idea catering to healthy and eco-friendly produce, Ancient India, established internationally, sets its sights in the local Vizag markets.

It all began when Aastha started to make conscious buying decisions at a supermarket. Horrified with the contamination levels in the foods, she decided to do something about it. Ancient India germinated as an idea, and today has come a long way indeed. It hasn’t just brought organic and safer food items into the Indian and International markets, it has also allowed many along the value chain to benefit monetarily from the organic revolution.

With over 11 years of corporate experience, Aastha founded Ancient India in 2013 as an organization that promotes ‘certified’ organic products. ‘Many products in the market are Genetically Modified Objects (GMO) and have high levels of pesticides and fumigants which work like slow poisons’ she shares. ‘Organic is the way to opt for’, she adds. Talking of challenges she says that getting into the organic products market wasn’t easy, having its own set of hurdles. Aastha gained knowledge on a completely new subject, did an organic leadership course from IFOAM, took the tough route of understanding markets, convinced farmers and obtained necessary certification. In fact, it took plenty of travel and market research, before the actual business plan came into place.

Their efforts have however paid off with time. Today Ancient India, has grown as a brand and found wings, creating new markets along the way. It exports organic agricultural produce such as tea and spices to European and Middle East markets and pulses for USA. They have also attained exclusive market rights from their Organic Tea and Organic Coffee supplier for Telengana , AP and Karnataka and will soon launch these products domestically under co branding. Their products are certified organic from NPOP, NOP , EU (Europe) , USDA (USA) and some private certification bodies too.

With a strong foothold in international markets, the brand is now catering to local markets as well with their ‘certified’ organic variants in tea, coffee, pulses, honey and spices. They are also the authorised distributors for Eco Life – Organic segment of Dawat Rice. They are working with leading retail stores such as Pure & Sure (Karnataka), 24 Mantra (Hyderabad), Nourish Organic Pristine, Conscious Food and others. As of September, Ancient India has opened a one-stop shop for all organic needs. The online portal will be an umbrella for the best established organic brands and products and will bring them right to the doorsteps of consumers. Not only will this increase availability and options in smaller cities, it will also help to reduce the distance between the farmers and consumers. And armed with a vision to create a one-stop lifestyle umbrella, which will permeate both metro and non-metro markets with healthier options, Ancient India is all set to promote and establish Vizag and India as a reliable bankable supplier of high quality organic food and products.