Super “Summer” Syllabus! – Summer Activities For Kids In Vizag


There is a lot children can learn during their summer holidays. Here are some summer activities that might interest your kids!

As a 10-year old Indian TEDx speaker said, ‘Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, ask them what they want to be now.’ Summer vacations offer kids the perfect window, of time and space, to explore areas of their interest. Whether it is love for a sport or interest in a science now is a great time to encourage them to discover new avenues.

Here are a few interesting options Vizag offers, to help kids make the most of their passion. And yes, if they aren’t sure, then they can do a little of each of these for that hands-on experience.

Indulging in good cinema

The children’s theatre has opened and is showcasing some really wonderful cinema, some of which is even free of charge. Having shown patriotic films, in the beginning of April, and international films later on, do keep a tab on what’s going on there as well. Instead of the nonsensical movies that kids are exposed to these days, the children’s theatre screens the right kind of movies for them.

Going heritage-walking

Did you know that our city offers some fantastic heritage sites? What’s more, heritage walker Jayshree Hatangadi also takes children for these walks. So, don’t wait till later when the city’s heritage gives way to modern malls. Instead make a trip and learn the facets which make Vizag so unique. It will surely be an eye-opener and instil in you and your kid, a sense of pride for the city.

Getting some “outdoors”

Our green lung spaces are growing in the form of parks, but today’s kids have little time to enjoy these open outdoor spaces. Evenings are the ideal time to explore them. From the park atop Kailasagiri Hill to the wonderfully-landscaped Central Park, or the revamped VUDA park, make it a point to visit one of these parks at least, every week. While vacations offer the perfect time to laze and get up late, getting up early in the morning can work wonders for the entire family. You can try convincing the kids that a lot of sleeping is wasting a lot of the fun filled holiday time! So, wake them up early and take them for nice walks along the RK Beach stretch, at Kailsagiri health arena or even around the Central Park.

“Do It Yourself” at home

You don’t need to step out from the comfort of your home for this one. Just get on to YouTube, key in your area of interest and voila hundreds of videos will help you to make wonderful paintings, crafts and objects. You can even indulge in the long-forgotten crafts of knitting, weaving and embroidering, which were once a must in most schools. For those who don’t like to sit still with these DIY projects, get online and learn to juggle or catch up on some neat tricks with footballs.

Working on their interest list

From star gazing to storytelling, Vizag offers options for many summer classes. List down your child’s area of interests and then check out what’s going on in your neighbourhood and give your child the perfect chance to learn something new. You can opt for crafts, arts, clay modelling, music dance, drama, public speaking, enrolling in a library, storytelling, sports, swimming, skating and many other fun activities.

Starting a club

This one’s the coolest thing to do this summer, more so if you have a gang of kids that you can bring together. You can plan club activities ranging from eco-friendly ones to fun-based ones. The children can form the club, name it and run it like an actual organisation – with rules, a common goal, individual responsibilities and of course, daily meetings! This can help instil productive values in the child and teach them team work and leadership, while they’re having fun.

Painting a wall

This is a highly risky proposition, but one of the most fun-filled projects that you can gift your child – allow them to paint the walls of their room. Pick an obscure wall, invest in small tins of paint and a few brushes and allow the child to freely paint the wall. Or, create a ‘box’ on the wall with masking tape, and ask the child to paint within the box framed by the tape, creating a piece of art on the wall, for which a border with black/brown paint can be added after taking off the masking tape.

Rustling up a meal

One day of the week let the children take over the kitchen – lunch or dinner, let the children cook and serve. Even if it is a meal of Maggi noodles or baking an instant meal in the microwave, it will be worth the learning experience that gives joy of accomplishment. Let them plan the menu, cook and serve. But yes, do be around as the assistant chef to help the little kids handle the hot vessels and electrical gadgets.

Getting a green pet

Get the children interested in gardening – either in a small plot or even in a pot. Balconies and terraces are great spaces for gardening in pots. Herbs, vegetables, flowering plants, or even a bamboo shoot in a glass bowl, the choices are many. Tending to the plants and observing the fruits of their labour will make any child responsible and happy.

Having slumber parties

Team up with a few parents and organise sleepovers in different households every weekend. A slumber party on the terrace of the building too would be great experience. Board games, horror stories and dumb charades will add to the fun. You can even plan for a midnight snack such as ice cream or milkshakes to make the party even more fun-filled.

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