20 Ways To Spend Your Old Rs 500 Notes


The Finance Ministry previously received a statement that the Central Government has been reviewing issues related to demonetisation and has received various suggestions on how to solve the issues. Meanwhile, most of us are stuck with the old Rs 1000 and Rs 500 notes and you simply don’t know what to do with them. Depositing them in your bank account is the most viable option, but, long lines and all. So while you have no choice but to deposit your old Rs 1000 notes, something can still be done with the old Rs 500 notes. Here’s 20 ways you can spend it (till December 15):

1 – Toll Plazas

While toll plazas will remain free till December 2, they will take the old Rs 500 notes between December 3 & 15 if you’re going on a road trip.

2 – School Fees

School fees upto Rs 2000 per student can be paid with the old Rs 500 notes at Central, State, Municipality and local body schools. Tough luck if you study private!

3 – Mobile Top-up

Put those old notes to use and get a mobile top-up worth Rs 500. There’s a limit of Rs 500 per top-up with these notes though.

4 – Shop

With valid identity proof, one can shop at co-operative stores like Girijan for upto Rs 5000 at a time.

5 – Pay your bills

Household bills like electricity and water can be paid with the old notes.

6 – Farming

With valid identity proof, seeds can be bought from central or state government outlets, state-run enterprises, and national/state seed companies and agricultural universities.

7 – Court Fee

Those of you fighting cases at courts can pay their fee with the old notes.

8 – Medical

Payment with old notes can be made at government hospitals.

9 – Travel

Airline and railway tickets can be brought from ticketing counters.

10 – Metro Rail

If you’re in a metro city, payment can be made using old notes for the metro rail ticket.

11 – Buy Milk

Milk booths operating under the central and state government will take the old notes.

12 – Fill your tank

Petrol, diesel or gas stations operated by state-run oil companies will take old notes.

13 – Medicine

Medicines can be purchased on prescription at both government and private pharmacies.

14 – Gas cylinder

You can pay for that LPG gas cylinder with old notes.

15 – Railway catering

Railway caterers will take old notes if you’re ordering food.

While the Rs 1000 notes can’t be used for any of the above, they can be used for:

16 – Pay your taxes

While the idea is a novel one for some of you, it would help if you paid your taxes with the old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. They will also be accepted for payment charges and penalties to central and state governments, including municipalities and local bodies.

17 – Savings account

The old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes can be used for deposits in post office savings accounts.

The old Rs 500 notes can also be used at:

18 – Crematorium/ burial ground.

19 – Archaeological Survey of India tickets.

20 – If you’re a foreign national vacationing in India, you can exchange upto Rs 5000 per week using old Rs 500 notes. An entry will be made in your passport for the same.

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