What you can expect from the Smart Streets Project in Vizag


The Smart Streets Project which is slated to show results on a few chosen pilot streets in the city in 2018, is likely to make the streets of Vizag safer, greener, and definitely smarter. Here’s what Vizagites can look out for from this project.

Holistic design

With Vizag’s streets currently designed only for vehicular traffic, the smart street project will ensure that the needs of pedestrians, hawkers and cyclists are taken care of as well. Adding to the vision of a cleaner, greener and smarter city, this project will base itself on the success of multiple components.

Wide footpaths and cycling tracks

Providing space for pedestrians to walk, and enjoy doing so, smart streets would have wider footpaths. These will be located beside cycling tracks that will encourage more people to take to this eco-friendly means of transport, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle as well.

More greenery                          

Shaded areas that not just replenish the city’s oxygen, but also encourage people to walk under the trees, will enhance greenery along the smart streets. Additionally, more plants along the stretch are being planned through landscaping.

Universal accessible design

Catering to those with special needs, a universal accessible design would be put in place by introducing ramps and also placing benches at strategic locations, such that the streets can be used by more people.

Road markings and table top crossings

Proper road markings that ensure smooth flow of traffic along with elevated table-top sections that act both as speed-breakers and designated area for crossing roads, will make the roads more safer.

Hawker zone

With a major issue being the many hawkers who take up space on the footpaths, a hawker zone would be allocated where they can operate without hampering vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the streets.

On street parking

With parking being a major pain point for Vizag, smart streets would have designated on-street parking spots that will make it easier to park without hampering traffic.

Underground utilities

Underground cabling will be put in place, to ensure that the impact of natural calamities on important utilities is minimized and therefore damage is reduced.

Safer and cleaner roads

CCTV surveillance, face recognition software, uninterrupted electricity, good lighting and proper design will address the safety aspects of the smarts streets as well. Finally, cleanliness would be encouraged through the proper availability of dustbins and public toilets.

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