SCADA to be used in Visakhapatnam for better water supply

scada, visakhapatnam
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GVSCCL (Greater Visakhapatnam Smart City Corporation Limited) will soon make use of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) to track the water supply in the city. District collector and GVSCCL Chairman, K. Bhaskar, approved the project during the Smart city Board Meeting held at the Collectorate in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday.

To eradicate the water problems in Visakhapatnam, GVSCCL came up with the plan of SCADA which might be a great help to the people of Vizag. For the implementation of this project, several monitoring devices will be used to carry out the control actions.

Reportedly, the Rs 90 crore-worth project will track the wastage of water and monitor the water supply process, through Visakhapatnam’s Command Control Centre (CCC), which will help in administering the water supply in a smarter way, thereby reducing the water crisis in the city.

As claimed by the officials, SCADA will keep a track of the water levels in the supply lines and tanks throughout the city. Also, advanced techniques are expected to manage the opening and closing of the valves. The system will supply water according to the necessity of an area.

GVMC Commissioner, M Hari Narayanan, along with Board Directors, Vidyulatha, Sakala Reddy, and Vinay Kumar discussed different aspects involved with the implementation of the technology and informed that through this project, GVMC can save around Rs 10 crores every year.

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