Poorna Market Faces Sanitation & Cleanliness Issues

Poorna Market Sanitation GVMC

Poorna Market is one of the oldest localities in Visakhapatnam that comes under the GVMC limits. Despite this, several sanitation and cleanliness issues in this locality are majorly overlooked by the corporation.

Poorna Market contains 500 households and 200 commercial establishments. But despite the number of residences, citizens residing here are forced to live amidst poor sanitation, choked drains, damaged roads, irregular water supply, defunct street lights, street dogs menace and lack of community halls and public toilets.

A general store owner opposite the vegetable market reportedly said that cattle, mosquitos, cats and dogs are a regular to the area due to all the waste dumped on the road. He opined that the civic authorities should put permanent measures in place to ensure speedy garbage removal and so that people dump their waste in a proper manner.

An APSRTC conductor who has been a regular visitor to the market since 15 years stated that he has seen no improvement in the locality, especially in the area of sanitation. He further stated that he wonders how GVMC manages to bag the top position in cleanliness when key areas such as Poorna Market still remain in such condition.

The GVMC officials on the other hand blame the attitudes of the people living in the area for the poor sanitation. A senior GVMC official reportedly stated that despite their numerous continuous efforts, there has been no change in the attitude of the people living in the area. However, they said that GVMC will continue in their efforts to keep the area clean.

Apart from demanding solutions from the authorities for these civic issues, the residents have also reportedly demanded proper bus shelters in the area. APSRTC Deputy Chief Traffic Manager (Urban) G Satyanarayana admitted that a bus shelter is the need of the hour for passengers near Durgalamma temple junction.

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  1. I still wonder how we made it to the 3rd place in cleanest cities list this year with so much to do. Probably Highways & Main roads are the only parameters for this voting.

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