‘Cheddi Gang’ conducting robberies in Vizag

robbery, vizag
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Two robbery cases have been reported at the PM Palem Police Station in Vizag which involved the notorious gang of thieves, aka ‘Cheddi Gang’.

As reported, on Sunday morning, 8 Tula Gold and 10 Tula Silver was stolen from the Revenue Colony in Madhurawada. Later on Sunday evening, another robbery has come into the limelight at the Panorama Hills Sriram Properties. The owner of the house on the next day has checked with the CC Tv cameras and found a gang of four, wearing underwears and baniyans, were captured robbing the house.

The police were surprised to know that the robbery took place at Sriram properties which are known to have tight security. As it is the Dussehra festive season, the robbers would have checked with locked houses in the morning and conducted the heist during the night. The police have alerted other crime authorities and the people in the city.

The Cheddi Gang is one of the most dangerous robbery gangs in the country. They dress attire helps them to slip away easily if caught. They would break the locks with the stones and conduct the heist. Most of these gangs are from Dahoodh in Gujarat.

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