The hands which offer food to the destitute in Vizag

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Every day at 4PM, a group of four to five people from Vizag, embark on a trip that’s very different from the others. With 55 packets of freshly cooked food, they travel along parts of the city to feed the destitute. Started six months ago, this unique initiative, was the brainchild of Parchuri Prasad. When asked on how the idea began, he told about the sad condition of people living on the streets.

“I saw many people living on footpaths in Vizag, who don’t have the energy to even get up. Rain or shine, irrespective of weather or the time of the day, one can see the destitute sleeping on the footpaths.” Also while religious places in many pockets of the city do offer food during lunch, dinner isn’t offered. With the thought that they could mitigate suffering for a few at least, he started with funds from his own pocket and delegated the task of cooking to a person. A few like minded people then came together, and the idea of distributing food to the destitute began. Today along with him, his sons, friends and well-wishers come forth to fund the food drive.  A menu is followed and fresh food is prepared every day. The packets arrive at their East Point colony Lendi Bagh location at around 4PM, and by 5PM the group of 3-4 people go together to distribute it to the needy. As Parchuri Prasad drives the vehicle, the packets are distributed by others sitting in the van. Also, the menu doesn’t stay the same. While on some days of the week, it is meals that are distributed, on other days they also give tiffins. “People on the streets are just like us. While they keep the packets with meals aside, to eat at night, a tiffin parcel is opened up as soon as it’s given to them.”

The routes they follow are the ones where more destitute are seen on the roads. The stretch near the railway station, Dondaparthy main road, area near the DRM office are a few of the important stops. With plans to continue this activity, his dream is to however focus on the children of the city. “Today children are brought up in extremely sheltered environments, and do not know much about their societal roles.” He thus engages in conducting Bhagavadgita and yoga sessions for them as well.

In a world, where we are driven by our personal goals and gains, it is fascinating to see someone so dedicated to the growth and development of society around us. And we wish him the best for all that he takes up.

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