184 Mud Terrapins rescued and shifted to Vizag Zoo

Indian flap shelled turtle

184 flap-shelled turtles or Mud Terrapin which were found packed in gunny bags on the outskirts of Chintapalli were rescued from Chintapalli range of Narsipatnam Forest Division and were shifted to Zoological Park here on Monday. The zoo authorities were instructed to keep the turtles in water or mud as well as requesting that the turtles be fed before they are shifted to the water tubs in the zoo.

Vizag zoo curator B Vijay Kumar stated that most of the terrapins (turtles) were found in bad shape, they still had fish hook in their mouth, used as bait for capture by the offenders. He further added that most of the turtles are suffering from the fish hook injuries hence the prognosis is not looking so bright, they are currently under observation. The zoo management is mainly focused on bringing the turtles back into good shape and making all efforts to provide the necessities for their survival. Local Forest officials are currently looking into the issue as a case has been filed.

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