A love letter to Vizag from an Engineering student in Odisha

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The scenery, the climate, and the calm vibes of Vizag continue to impress many individuals, who go on to script their own tryst with the city. Here’s one such account of a youngster (currently living in Odisha) who left Vizag for studies.

“It’s been just 8 months since I left Vizag for my studies. But it already feels like years! I miss the charm of Vizag and its citizens. Spending 16 years of my childhood here, I’ve grown very close to the city and the emotions and culture that come with it.

The Beach Road vibes and the moderate climate are still afresh and I long for the next vacation to rejoice in Vizag. From the cool breeze of the sea to the lush green hills, the picturesque and serene city never fails to impress anyone.

As Vizagites, we’ve been able to escape quite a lot of ordeals such as long traffic jams, lack of public transport or the steep rents. The city fares much better in terms of green spaces and cleanliness than most other cities. And though the Swachh Bharat rank of Vizag has come down, I bet we’d bounce back to the top pretty soon.

The city has a lot of unique destinations which even students from other states know of. The Vistadome coaches on the Araku train and the Submarine and Aircraft museums are well known. The chatpata muri mixture, the all-famous seafood, and the tangy Pulihora at Simhachalam, the list of Vizag’s food craved by me is endless. I miss it quite often and its non-availability always makes me feel like returning to the city at that very moment. I wish we had teleporters to transport me to Vizag in a second!

So.. Rejoice every moment in the ‘City of Destiny’ and explore the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’ as much as possible during your stay in the city.”

The letter (to Vizag from Odisha) was submitted to Yo! Vizag by Debabrata Malik

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