Keep fit in 2017: Getting ‘FIT’ as your New Year resolution

keep fit

While a lot of people make a big deal out of ‘New Year Resolutions’, getting into shape remains the most common one that stick to a million tongues. A lot of people start working on their resolutions while the others forget it the next day. Finding motivation can be tricky and can stop you from reaching your goals. Here we are inspiring you and giving you a list of things you can adopt to keep fit, to reduce that ridiculous body fat and get into the summer body. These simple things are not hard to do and will keep you motivated as you get fast results. After all the summer body is shaped in winters.



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This is probably the easiest way to reduce the body fat. Running on a daily basis will melt the body fat and increase the body metabolism. It works on all the body parts and results are visible from the 3rd week itself. All you gotta do is find a park, get yourself a good pair of cushioned running shoes and get on the track. Remember to wear loose fit clothes on your run. Sweat out your fat and join the GLAM FAM. 🙂



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Ever wondered why all the dancers have a BOMB body? Here’s why. Dancing is the most convenient way to stay fit all your life. It not only keeps a check on body fat but also refreshes your mood and motivated you to reach new goals. Just pick a dance form and join a good dance class. Buy yourself a pair of stretchy pants and loose t-shirts. Get on the floor and let your dance do the magic. 🙂



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A lot more strenuous than just saying Namaste, Yoga is one of those exercises that might be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is extraordinarily energizing. Practicing yoga on a daily basis has helped many people to reduce fat and get rid of diseases and body deficiencies as well. Many actors and other celebrities practice yoga to maintain their shape and health. Invest in a good solid mat and stretchy fabric clothes for better body movement and you are good to go. 🙂



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If you will be caught up in your daily routeing then this quick floor workout is all you look for. You do not need to invest a lot of time in this exercise and can be completed within a short span of 20 minutes. It is like a crash course in your 2 hour gym workout. 2 minutes of planking, 20 squats, 3 set of burpees and 2 sets of pull-ups/pushups each and BAMN. You are the owner of sexy body. Wear something that absorbs moisture and is body fit. 🙂



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This ‘mean’ workout was in trend in 2016 and a lot of people were addicted to this extreme exercising. This rough and tough exercise will make fatigue and exhaustion a thing of past and will work on each body part. You will get lean in a short span of time and will develop muscle and a strong body. Wear short and stretchy clothes and sweat till you make it.

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