The concerning scenario when internet trolling crosses the line

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A good two decades ago, when the internet was still beginning to find its feet and trolling had its restrictions, it was alright to speak one’s mind in the open. Furthermore, picking sides and opining on social issues was in total acceptance.

However, skid through to the modern age and the omnipresent social media seems to have altered the equations drastically. A person passing an “enlightening” comment, or taking a “dogmatic” stance, can no longer get away without fetching a notorious tag from the users of popular social media platforms.

Originally intended to pull someone’s leg sportingly, the practice has reached a sorry state where the fun-part has been mutated to offence and humiliation. Popularly termed as trolling, this act of provocation has far reached the expanse of our social lives.

From labelling an individual as “anti-national” to threatening someone of rape and murder, trolls, unfortunately, have crossed the line by distressing margins.

Trolls, in some cases, lead to extreme consequences as well. It was not long ago that an American porn star had committed suicide for allegedly being subjected to the savagery of online trolls.

While it is celebrities who are generally the soft-targets, on some occasions, common users too end up drawing the ire of trolls.

In fact, trolling has become so widely prevalent that experts have identified an internet disease called the Chronic Troll Syndrome (CTS). Apparently, someone suffering from CTS would no longer be able to comprehend what is appropriate to do while dealing with people in real life.

So, as this worrying trend continues to spread its diabolic tentacles, be sure to remain guarded against the dank space and even better, refrain in indulging in internet trolling.

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